Benefits Of Buriti Oil

Benefits Of Buriti Oil – Buriti oil is just one of those oils that are good for your skin and hair. It also has sunscreen benefits that are natural, and it also soothes and heals the skin.

It is taken from the Moriche palm, and it is loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin E, palmitic acid, linoliec acid as well as oleic acid. With the anti oxidants that it contain, your skin is protected.

Buriti Oil Benefits For Skin

Buriti oil is one of the giants in ingredients when it comes to skin care creams. When the skin is exposed to the sunlight, it is the one that restores the moisture on that skin. Also, because it contains unsaturated fatty acids, it protects the collagen as well as the elastin. What it also does, is moisturize the skin cells, it rebuilds them as well as re-hydrates them. It absorbs very easily into the skin, and wrinkles and fine lines are also reduced.

Through some studies that were conducted, it is found to also be good at absorbing uv rays that cause cancer. This is really great news because your skin will be even more preserved and protected.

Another great benefit of Buriti oil is that it treats burns as well as wounds. This is made possible by the fact that encourages the scar tissue to develop. It also soothes the skin.

Please be aware that if used without dilutions, it may colour your skin as well as the clothes that come into contact with it. So, using this oil as a massage oil might not be a good idea.


Buriti Oil Benefits For Hair

When it comes to your hair, using Buriti oil will smooth your hair, moisturize it as well as makes it strong. It also protects the hair from damage that may be caused by the sun.

It’s benefits makes people who have had great results wonder if there are other ways to actually benefit from it, or if there are other products that are great and contain this oil. Honestly there aren’t many offerings of Buriti oil online but I managed to find few germs. One of these germs is Alba Rainforest Buriti Treatment serumwhich helps to increase the elasticity of the skin as well as rejuvenates the skin. It is because of the antioxidant properties that it has that help your body fight free radicals.



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  1. Mj

    Dec 19. 2013

    Aveda just came out w/ a new daily moisturizing oil that’s main ingredient is Buriti oil. No cilicones, all plant-based ingredients. It’s AMAZING ^_^

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